Sunday, March 24, 2013


So I've been working on getting prices for shirts and whatnot. I've been in communication with Big Top Tees and the prices are not super cheap. For orders under 25 shirts, the price is $16 a shirt. I'm fine with this if we're getting 3 for us and maybe a few more for the food truck people. I'm also looking into some online companies that boast like $3 a shirt but the ones I've seen so far only do huge orders. 100+. Also I'm looking into ordering a banner from FedEx Office with Alex's Design.

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  1. Here's a suggestion - go buy some cheap t-shirts, build a stencil and spray paint your logo on the shirt. I did that in high school and I still have some of those shirts (granted, they don't fit me, but I still have 'em!).

    BTW - I like that trailer a lot. You need to be hitting the confused, bitter post-college crowd. This is a movie made for the Facebook nation.