Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25th

We all met today for a breif period of time, and discussed what all three of us will be doing before class thursday. We decided to get nicer shirts made for the three of us, and we'll do stencil shirts for the food truck people. I'm finalizing the design of the handout and looking at Fedex/Kinko's to get them printed out.

Kyle also came up with the tagline 'When life gives you options, take a free sample.' which is the best thing we've come up with yet, so we're going to roll with that.

We're also waiting on a reply from Winter Park Village about parking a food truck around there, and as far as food trucks go we might be limited to Sweet City Gelato, but thankfully they've been the most interested of the group so far so at least we have them.

Anyhow, here's the current design for the front of our nicer shirts:

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  1. That looks like a nice design for a vinyl picture LP. RG