Monday, April 8, 2013

First Showing Day!

Kyle and Alex Outside Regal Winter Park

Today went pretty well. We hung around the Enzian for a bit to hand out some flyers to the people waiting for the showing of 8&1/2. Then we trucked on over to Regal to get some presence there. Upon arrival we decided we needed to head out and get something to handout besides flyers, so we found a dollar store and bought a bowl and some candy to attract people. It was absolutely dead in the line for Regals nonfestival related films, so most of the people coming through we already palnning on seeing our film, but we tried to grab people who were leaving the Martin Bonner showing. The FFF volunteers said they had sold a solid amount of tickets to our showing, but it wasn't sold out unfotunately. We had fun still.

Oh and while we were at The Enzian we got The Daily City to Instagram us and our showtimes! We also talked to the producer for the film The Forgotten Kingdom, he was a cool guy.

Friday should hopefully be a bigger day, and a great way to finish things off.

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